Wednesday, May 26, 2010

30 Rock season 4 overview

This season on 30 Rock ,I found that there is less and less of TGS and more of Liz’s (Tina Fey)and Jack’s(Alec Baldwin) problems .It was nice when they had to be dealt with simultaneously in the madhouse that is the NBC studio . But now we are seeing less of the studio and more of random plots.

The new addition to the cast has not exactly been a very good decision compounded by the fact that Jenna Maroney is going nowhere and Tracy Jordan has just not been the same. Infact the demented star that Tracy is,he seems bloated and those psycho weird punch lines and histrionics haven’t had the same impact as earlier.

The jokes and one-liners just don’t stack up that well compared to earlier seasons.

The season had infact started off quite well with the season opener smartly titled ‘season 4’ and had set the premise, but somehow it lost steam after 4-5 episodes and it seemed flat to me for a quite a number of episodes .However , 30 Rock has bounced back and shut shop with decent half a dozen bunch of episodes .The finale ‘I do do ’ written by Tina Fey herself was quirky and fun .

30 Rock almost always has had a healthy influx of celeb A-listers making appearances during the course of a season . This time, Julianne Moore has got half a season long arc . I loved Elizabeth Banks’ news anchor role- Avery Jessup ..fantastic skin she has .I have liked her ever since her coquettish bank teller role scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘Catch me if you can’ .

Of the ones this season, me thinks Matt Damon’s was the shortest and best but it's likely that he won’t return for one too many episodes next winter ..I mean come on, he is Matt Damon !

Though reasonably okay, this season somehow didn’t seem that crisp. And it would be fair to say it has been a bit underwhelming if not disappointing. However they have been renewed for another season and that would be surely be better. And how about a track where Liz Lemon has a steady boyfriend balancing her eccentricities?Wouldn’t that be fun?

Just recently,during her promotion of her movie ‘Date Night’, Tina Fey said that“ its because NBC is so deep in trouble that 30 Rock is on air ” that’s not true ,it’s as good a single camera sitcom as they come and the show has some gas left in the tank for newer episodes. It has been held together by the ever terrific Alec Baldwin playing NBC boss, but there have been rumours that he won’t stay beyond next year ..

Sort that and Season 5 out NBC and Tina Fey..Please

Thursday, May 20, 2010

7 reasons to watch the French Open

This year's second grand slam starts this Sunday in Roland Garros,Paris.
7 is reason enough ,but i would love to see a pic of her and Rafael Nadal with their respective trophies.Both last won there in 2008 ,i hope both of them reclaim it.
Let's see what happens !!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

T20 kits – good, okay and mediocre

I thought of doing a kit analysis of teams in the super eight of the ongoing Twenty 20 World cup in the West Indies. So here goes.

West Indies
They have been stuck with the maroon shade for far too long; ever since colour clothing began in 1977-78.There have been bad prints and even worse colour combinations that the windies have adorned over the years, but this one sported in World T20 is a weird multi cut raglan sleeve accompanied by yellow dotted prints. Those muscular dudes just look odd in that attire.

In T20’s Australia had started with its sleeveless shirts worn over a stitched at neck contrast body hugging inner and they have kept that pattern only the shade of yellow and green and occasionally grey keeps changing. The tees are different and the aussies look smart and menacing in those.

Sri Lanka
The Lankans have an okay dress .Nothing great or even experimental .Its the same that they wore in the last edition .Blue and yellow v-neck and polo collar–mediocre design by Reebok.

Ever since India shifted to darker blue in early 09’, the shade and the dash of orange has given them a very suave look .The raglan cut sleeves have a very smooth curve which blends the tricolour and joins the orange oblique patch at the back of the neck. If we look closer the kit has loads of patches of clima cool and dry fit material on the lowers as well. Nike has put some design sense into the kits and the Indians even though not the most muscular and fit of all, do look the smartest of the lot.

New Zealand
The kiwis look the best when they are dressed in black and shades of greys to break the colour monotony. Even the blackcaps have opted for the tighter fitting tees. But the introduction of gold to the side panel is just – egg throwing bad design .Even the super cool Shane Bond can’t carry off that dress. Get rid of the gold and the black caps would be fine.

They have got one of the better designs in the competition with their shoulder patches and fluorescent green armpit piece. Adidas who sponsors the kit has wisely kept its logo understated and the deep royal blue with minimal contrast piping is a very impressive kit that is sported by the English.

Without a regular outfit sponsor, Pakistan dress as a bunch of second class clubbers who just got their numbers printed by the local sports shop and who in turn copied adidas’s 3 stripe design but kept the stripes to 2 as he ran short of material .They are struck with the colour green ,but its sad that they always choose the most murky green .The best they looked was in the 99’ world cup in England where they had sported fading fluorescent green and played the final at Lords. Disappointing and have been so for a really long time.

South Africa
As Harsha Bhogle put it ‘ they all seem to be wearing a one size fits all tee.’But the jersey looks pale, quite similar to the Proteas performance in the ICC events . 6/10

The trend has been to get the players tighter, fitter, close cut body hugging dresses that shows off some rippling muscles as the T20 is seen to be a more power based version of cricket. Though I would like to see the kit sponsors being bold and tasteful in dress designing .In fact there should be two sets of kits – one for home and other for away matches. Although it’s not required as a differentiating factor as say in football or rugby, but it can be an interesting proposition in terms of merchandise sales.

For far too long we have had shades of blue and green running in the stadiums. Green has Pakistan, South Africa, Australia, even consistently horrendous dressers –Bangladesh .The blues are Sri Lanka, India, England and off late every associate nation.

Some variety would’nt hurt.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The buzz on Google buzz

The buzz on Google buzz
What is the buzz? How do you use it? How is it any different?

What is the buzz?
Buzz is the latest attempt at breaking into the global social networking market by tech giants Google. The service, which was unveiled on Tuesday, February 9, pitches the search specialist in direct competition with players like Facebook and Twitter.

Why is it important?
It’s important because of who is launching it. Like Apple, when Google speaks, people tend to sit up and take notice. They’ve already labeled it as “Google's approach to sharing.”

The buzz (pun intended) surrounding the announcement was huge. With twitter and search engines awash with people searching and sharing information from the launch press conference.The immediacy of Buzz also comes from the way it will be rolled out. It also has a head-start on other social networking sites as it is being incorporated into it’s free Gmail service – which already boasts 170 million users. So basically, if you have Gmail, you have buzz.

For further details have at look at the link.