Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mad Men Season 6 in GIFs

 Danny smacks Roger with a low blow 
 Harry tells off all the partners at SCDP and openly slights Joan for the way she became a partner.
 Jim Cutler hails a fast one at Bob Benson for loitering in the creative department.
 Oh and Don Draper is petrified , which makes Ted Chaough super cool in the aviator and being one.
 Yes, Don that is you who has passed out in the pool. Want some more California pot?
 Sally knows that Don knows that she knows.
Don knows that Sally knows that he knows that she knows. Now lie.
 Michael Ginsberg is lightening in a bottle. Michael Ginsberg is a Martian. We love him.
Let's get high, shall we?
 Kenny tap dancing - superb! Look at Dawn's expression at the back !
This is comedy gem. Pete Campbell falling on stairs while screaming 'Draper'
 My dad has not given me anything - Sally Draper. 
I am bonding with my daughter over a ciggie, yay! - Betty 
Meanwhile Don smokes and contemplates 
 Stan races Jim Cutler on steroids
 Well Peggy deserves that bird flipping by Stan, that backstabber  she.
Don has made people feel sick throughout, so it is not new my dear Daddy's girl.