Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mayanti Langer

Mayanti Langer has never came to widespread attention until now,because nobody watched ICL or Zee sports that much, wherein she had her previous assignments. But now she has with ESPN and coverage from South Africa. And ESPN would never hire somebody below par for such a high profile tournament that is the world cup.

She has enough knowledge of the game to put guys in bars and pubs to shame!!

She knows the formations, players, nationality, history and club affliations..all these can’t be mugged up and you are sure to be uncomfortable in your first assignment with experts like Paul Masefield ,Gerry Armstrong and Shebby Singh ,but not for one moment is Mayanti Langer -she,of assured voice and intelligent insights. She,of great composure and tilted right posture, wonderfully exotic name and a rare surname.

Miss Langer is comfortable in her skin and confident in her thoughts. I have not seen her slip up even once with her presentation .Every player’s name is spoken as it should be and that is hard with 32 nationalities in the mix. Every question she asks, merits being asked .I don’t know how much she prepares and all,but the conversation flows.She is akin to what Paula Malai Ali is to Formula1.

‘Only if there were more girls like her’ -would be a general line of thought among guys.Hell,we will be happy with girls who would know half as much as she does.

She has lovely dressing sense and would be an excellent addition to the EPL panel in a nicely cut Van Heusen jacket. I hope to see more of her when the next EPL starts in August. If not as host, as correspondent, if not that, then on weekend preview shows.She is a lady for keeps- i think ESPN understands that .

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