Saturday, October 22, 2011

Different Maps of the World

We are so often seeing the world map or a globe and take it for granted. Maps are often a little misleading . It makes the planet look like huge land mass whereas its a water planet with 70 % of the whole surface covered with it . A look at some different and strange and creative maps of the world.We have so become habituated to see the world map with the North pole up and Antarctica down.Who is to say what is north and what is south ? The world looks different, isn't it?
This is a traffic map of sorts- one that shows which country drives on which side of the road.
Dark blue: drives on the left (mainly ex British colonies)
light blue : used to drive on right, now drives on left (Namibia)
Purple:used to have mixed system, now drives on right
Red: used to drive on left, now drives on right
Dark Red : drives on the right

The world instability map that shows the skewed consumption pattern of countries.USA being the most consumerist nation.
A typographical map fit in countries names filled in as inset in its geographical location.
The transit map of the world.The playful diagram shows all the cities that have or are building or planning to construct an urban rail system, includes cities- Vancouver to Auckland , Tokyo to Buenos Aires , Mexico City to Hong Kong and Helsinki to Bangalore.
The Submarine cable map - showing the grid of optical fibre networks that power the flow information on the world wide web.
Is it photoshopped or for real? Moo-t point .
Countries and their domain names with fonts corresponding in size to the internet users.
A complete reversal of the terrains of the world. The seas are mountains and the land becomes the water bodies.
The countries with internet censorship , where news is not free to circulate.

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